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Showers - Beyond Just a Rinse

You know, showers aren't just about getting clean. It's also about feeling good. Ever tried a rainfall shower on a chilly morning? Or maybe a handheld one for those tough-to-reach spots? Dive into our collection, and let's make every shower feel like a spa day.

Mirrors - More Than Just Your Reflection

Ever stood in front of a mirror and thought, "Wow, this room looks bigger!"? That's the magic of mirrors. Whether you're looking for something simple or a statement piece, we've got mirrors that do more than just show how good you look today.

Showerhead 200mm Round Traditional Showerhead - Chrome TTSO105869
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Mixer Shower Valve Preston Thermostatic Two Outlet Shower Valve w/Handset TTSO105848
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Kitchen Taps (491)

Mirrors (51)

Hobs (300)

Laundry (117)

Hoods (499)

Bathroom Taps (212)

Furniture (702)

Baths (111)

Showers (183)

Kitchen taps and furniture

Kitchen Taps - The Fusion of Form and Function

A kitchen tap might seem like a small detail, but it can make a world of difference. Picture a tap with a pull-out spray, making rinsing dishes or filling pots a breeze. Or perhaps a tap that delivers instant boiling water, perfect for that quick cup of tea. From sleek, minimalist designs to vintage-inspired classics, our taps are where functionality meets style.

Furniture - Crafting Spaces

Furniture is the soul of a room. It's where comfort meets style, where function meets form. Looking for storage solutions that hide away the clutter? Or perhaps statement pieces that become conversation starters? Our range spans from the ultra-modern to timeless classics, ensuring there's something for every taste and every room.

Basin Unit Run (No Top) Grebe 1180mm Floor Standing 2 Door Basin Unit Run (No Top) - Grey Gloss TTSO106922
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4-in-1 Hot Tap InSinkErator 4N1 J Shape Tap Only - Velvet Black LIS833
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Basin Mixer Appletree Bay Basin Mixer - Chrome TTSO105750
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Shower Riser Kit Slider Rail & Kit - Brushed Brass TTSO106555
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Mixer Tap Abode Astbury 3 Part Mixer Tap - Chrome AT3046
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Bath Shower Mixer Great Par Floor Standing Bath/Shower Mixer & Shower Kit - Brushed Brass TTSO106804
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Electric Shower Triton Amore 9.5kW Electric Shower - Brushed Steel DICM0304
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Waste Easy Clean Basin Waste - Chrome TTSO105767
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Mixer Tap Abode Tubist Professional Mixer Tap w/Pull Around - Matt Black AT2133
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Inset Abode Xcite 1.5B Inset Black Metallic Sink & Specto Tap Pack ABDP0024
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Mixer Tap Abode Fluid Monobloc Mixer Tap - Chrome AT1169
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Electric Shower Triton Aspirante 9.5kW Contemporary Electric Shower - White Gloss DICE0038
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Straight Bath Prussia Cove Round Single Ended SUPERCAST 1700x750x550mm 0TH Bath w/Legs TTSO105638
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Baths - A Personal Sanctuary

A bath is more than just a place to get clean. It's a sanctuary, a place to relax and unwind. Imagine a deep, freestanding tub where you can soak away your worries. Or a corner bath that maximizes space without compromising on comfort. And for the ultimate luxury, how about a whirlpool bath that gently massages you as you relax? Dive into our collection and find your perfect escape.

Ready to Explore More?

With so much to offer, each of our categories promises a journey of discovery. Whether you're redesigning a space or just looking for that perfect piece, we're here to help you every step of the way.

Straight Bath Perranuthnoe Steel Single End 1700x700x500mm 2TH Bath w/Legs TTSO100596
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Freestanding Bath Rock Freestanding 1655x745x580mm 0TH Bath - Grey TTSO104127
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Bathroom Taps - More Than Just a Water Source

Ever paused to consider how a tap can change the entire vibe of your bathroom? It's not just about the flow of water; it's about the flow of design. Whether you're drawn to the sleek lines of a modern mixer or the vintage charm of a classic faucet, our bathroom taps are designed to be both functional and fabulous. Looking for a tap with a waterfall effect? Or perhaps one with a touch sensor? Dive into our collection, and you'll find taps that are not just fixtures but statement pieces.

Shower Enclosures: Your Personal Oasis

A shower isn't just a daily routine; it's a daily escape. And the right enclosure can make all the difference. Imagine stepping into a spacious walk-in enclosure, with glass panels that give an open feel while keeping the water contained. Or perhaps you prefer a quadrant enclosure that fits snugly into a corner, maximizing space. From sliding doors to pivot openings, our range of shower enclosures ensures every shower is an experience in luxury and comfort.

Bath Taps Great Par Bath Pillar Taps - Brushed Brass TTSO106799
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Bath Taps Appletree Bay Bath Pillar Taps - Chrome TTSO105753
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