Underfloor Heating Calculator

Underfloor Heating Calculator


  1. Put your phone or device in landscape for a better experience.
  2. Select a room type from the left column.
  3. Enter the room dimensions (Length, Width) for each room in meters.
  4. Select the wattage of the mat or cable (150w or 200w).
  5. Use a deduction for items in your room that you want to exclude from the heating area.
  6. The required watts for underfloor heating and the square meters of the room will be automatically calculated and displayed at the bottom.
  7. To remove a room or deduction, click the ‘X’ button next to it.
Total Watts Required: 0 W
Total Square Meters: 0.00 sqm
Deductions: 0 W | 0.00 sqm
10% Deduction for fitting: 0 W | 0.00 sqm
Please check with the manufacturer. This is just a guide.

Hey there, home improvement enthusiasts! 🏡 Are you ready to take your comfort to the next level? Well, you’ve landed in the right place because we’re diving deep into the world of underfloor heating today. And let me tell you, your toes are going to thank you!

Step into Comfort with Our Underfloor Heating Calculator

Ever dreamt of stepping onto warm floors on a chilly morning? Well, dream no more! Our Underfloor Heating Calculator is here to turn that dream into a reality. Just input your room’s dimensions and a few other details, and bam! You’ll get an estimate of what it’ll take to bring that cozy warmth to your floors.

Electric Underfloor Heating Calculator: The Future of Home Comfort

If you’re leaning towards electric underfloor heating, you’re in for a treat. Our Electric Underfloor Heating Calculator is designed to give you a precise estimate of what you’ll need. It’s all about efficient heating, and trust me, your feet will feel like they’re on vacation!

Bringing the Heat to Your Kitchen

Now, let’s talk about one of the most popular rooms in the house – the kitchen. With our Underfloor Heating Kitchen Calculator, you can bring the warmth right where you need it. Imagine cooking up a storm while your feet are basking in warmth. Sounds like a win-win, right?

Underfloor Heating in the Kitchen: A Culinary Delight

And since we’re on the topic of kitchens, our Underfloor Heating in Kitchen Calculator is perfect for those of you looking to add a touch of luxury to your culinary space. It’s all about creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, and underfloor heating does just that.

Crunching the Numbers with Our Underfloor Heating Cost Calculator

Now, let’s talk money. We know that budget is a big deal, and that’s why our Underfloor Heating Cost Calculator is a game changer. Enter your room’s details, and you’ll get a clear picture of what your underfloor heating project might cost. No surprises, just clear, straightforward numbers.

Keeping the Costs in Check

And if you’re wondering about the long-term costs, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our Underfloor Heating Running Cost Calculator is here to give you an estimate of what it’ll cost to keep those floors warm over time. It’s all about smart budgeting and making informed choices.

Why Choose Underfloor Heating?

So, why go for underfloor heating, you ask? Well, aside from the obvious comfort of warm floors, underfloor heating is incredibly efficient. It distributes heat evenly across the room, eliminating those pesky cold spots. Plus, it’s practically invisible, giving you total freedom in designing your space.

The Perks of Going Electric

And if you’re leaning towards electric underfloor heating, you’re in for some additional perks. It’s super easy to install, making it a great option for both new builds and renovations. Plus, it requires virtually no maintenance. Talk about hassle-free heating!

Bringing Luxury to Your Kitchen

Now, back to the kitchen. Adding underfloor heating to your kitchen is like giving yourself a little luxury every day. Whether you’re brewing your morning coffee or cooking up a feast, your feet will be wrapped in warmth. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want that?

A Cost-Effective Choice

And when it comes to costs, underfloor heating is a surprisingly cost-effective choice. Our calculators are here to give you a clear picture of the upfront costs, as well as the running costs. So you can make an informed decision and enjoy warm floors without breaking the bank.

Ready to Take the Plunge?

So, are you ready to take the plunge and add a touch of luxury to your home? Our Underfloor Heating Calculator is here to guide you through the process, giving you clear and accurate estimates every step of the way. Your dream of warm floors is just a few clicks away!

Wrapping It Up: Warm Floors, Happy Home

And there you have it, folks! A comprehensive guide to underfloor heating and all the wonderful benefits it brings. Whether you’re renovating your home or building from scratch, underfloor heating is a choice you won’t regret. So go ahead, give your feet the warmth they deserve, and turn your home into a cozy haven. Happy heating! 🔥