we’ve created a handy guide to help you find the right bath

Freestanding Bath Rock Freestanding 1655x745x580mm 0TH Bath - Grey TTSO104127

Before you start looking for your new bath

You obviously cannot simply visit any site, open the eyelid and select the first bath. There is research on how to get you the most comfortable bath you want for the apartment, that may be why you read this.

You're going to start with the space you have in the bathrooms and you should think about its shape too. The shape determines what type of bath you can use. When you make measurements to determine the space available, remember to measure the bathroom doors.

With such a huge selection of bathtubs available, we've created a handy guide to help you find the right one for your bathroom.  Straight Baths, Single Ended Baths, Double Ended Baths, Small Baths, Large Baths, Freestanding Baths Shower Baths, Roll Top & Slipper Corner & Back to Wall Baths.

Who is the bath for?

Those designed for the household are very different to those designed by designers. Think about what the person is bathing in. If children are present a larger bath that is easily accessible will be better while curving shapes or trend colours will lend themselves better to designer experiences.

How to choose your bathing suit?

First, decide what size bathroom you plan to have and how much you budgeted.

What is your bathroom's role and how do they accommodate families, adults only or elderly individuals with disabilities? Does it require an extra bathroom with a bath? Make sure you know the purpose of the bath and pick whichever suits your needs of yours.

Style choices in a bathroom are determined by what style you desire and what personal taste you have.

Get the most out of your new bath

The Baths Buyer's Guide will help you decide when you should replace your bathroom, This guide will help you to get your bath in order. We will talk to you about your next big buying experience.

Shop By Type

Keep up to date by utilizing our modern or traditional freestanding bath.

The price starts at £678.61 Take pleasure from a huge choice of baths that will fit in almost any bathroom. From £161.16 Space saver, ideal if there is limited room on the bathroom floor. In addition to being durable, the stainless steel tub enhances the look and comfort.

The cost of the compact corner bath is £279.66. Upgrade your bathroom to a high-performance whirlpool bath at £921.14. Or an airspa from £835.03.  Our bath screens offer great flexibility and privacy in curves, squares or sails. From £101.40.

Big-name brands

Large Range Shop our complete selection of new bathrooms for sale. Complete the bathroom with a quality tub. Choose from various styles and sizes for the perfect bathroom. There are plenty of bathroom accessories, from showers to panels and screens.

Bath type

Usually, if we think about baths, a specific shape will emerge. But today you can choose many different choices to maximize space. There are two general categories based on freestanding or inset bathrooms.

Roll Top

A roll-top bathroom often invokes period and features a flat rim and a simple shape. The bathtub is the hallmark of the classic style and can be positioned in bathrooms that feature traditional designs. For a classic opulency mix, an open tub with claw foot sets removes the bathtub from the floor and adds a touch of ornate to your design themes.


Freestanding Bath Fistral Freestanding 1760x700x720mm 2TH Bath w/Base - White TTSO102809

Fistral Freestanding 1760x700x720mm 2TH Bath w/Base - White TTSO102809

Comes with bath base Dimensions: L 1760 x W 700 x H 720mm Freestanding Bath
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Holywell Bay Freestanding 1600x750x570mm Bath TTSO104115

Dimensions: L 1600 x W 750 x H 570mm 215 litre capacity Freestanding Bath
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Modern freestanding baths

While free-standing baths typically invoke traditional designs in the recent past, modern options came to the public. Generally, these can be a simple and bold design and will eliminate rolled surfaces so commonly found in traditional baths in favour of slimmer and minimal designs.


L-shaped and P-shaped baths

The L / P-shaped bath can often be used for bathrooms without space. Consisting of an asymmetrical design and a large surface to hold, the shape is able to be hard and angle in the L shape, and with a curved shape for the P-Shape.

Nanjizal L Shape 1500x850x560mm 0TH Shower Bath Pack (LH) TTSO105602

Left hand option; also available right handed Dimensions: L 1500 x W 850 x H 560mm Shaped Shower Bath
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Rock Freestanding 1655x745x580mm 0TH Bath - Black TTSO104126

Dimensions: L 1655 x W 745 x H 580mm 220 litre capacity Freestanding Bath
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Freestanding baths

As its name implies, freestanding baths are not built on walls. They are often displayed in a bathroom in a way that makes a statement and will be a major feature in every bathroom in which they reside.


Slipper baths

Similar to their rolltop cousins, the slipper bath features a raised end for sweeping stroking aesthetics.

It is possible to choose single-end designs which are ideal when enjoying long soaks in the late evening thanks to the large space where you can lay your back.

Freestanding Bath Lamorna cove Freestanding Slipper 1500x700x690mm Bath TTSO104119

Lamorna cove Freestanding Slipper 1500x700x690mm Bath TTSO104119

Includes pre-fitted integrated waste Dimensions: L 1500 x W 700 x H 690mm Freestanding Bath
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Steel baths

The quality of these steel baths will last for an extended period of twenty years. Its surface was covered with enamel, giving an enhanced finish.

They may be an excellent combination between Acrylic and Cast Iron Baths with some benefits.

Although Steel and stainless steel retain bathwater very well the edges stay cooler than normal and may make some people uncomfortable at first.

Today advances in steel forming technology mean steel bathtubs are readily available in several shapes and some can even be free-standing. Visit the Baths section of our website for products.

Corner baths

corner bath is an excellent space-saver choice if the space is limited. Luxurious products include models offering a whirlpool jet option and custom moulded seats for a spa-at-home feature.

In addition to the practical features, many corner baths can also be equipped with showers on top. Corner baths are available in rooms with no wall length to accommodate the longer baths.

Portreath Standard 1350x1350x620mm 0TH Corner Bath w/Legs TTSO105677

Dimensions: L 1350 x W 1350 x H 620mm 390 litre capacity Corner Bath
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They generally are deeper and occasionally wider than normal straight baths so can need more hot water. Please visit the Corner bath if you want more information about products.

Mawgan Porth Freestanding 1700x755x570mm 0TH Bath TTSO3320

Dimensions: L 1700 x W 755 x H 570mm 180 litre capacity Freestanding Bath
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The most common product used to make baths are likely what you know the most. Acrylic baths are well-respected for their durability and properties.

The non-porous surface makes them very easy and relatively inexpensive for maintenance in the event of any small scratch or knock. They retain heat well, as they are lightweight and are suitable for any part of your home.

Shower Baths

If there’s no room for a separate bath/shower this is the preferred solution. Typically the shower ends in a straight or square shape.

Curves are commonly known as squares or P shapes, while squares resemble L. They provide better comfort in the bathroom while allowing you to relax in the bathroom.

You have to decide whether you want the left or right models of your bathroom plan. A practical suggestion is that you sketch the planned bathroom layout from below, from which the direction is readily identifiable for each piece.

Hawkers Cove J Shape 1500x725x600mm 0TH Bath w/Legs (LH) TTSO105665

Dimensions: L 1500 x W 725 x H 600mm 165 litre capacity Back To Wall Corner Bath
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Inset baths

The majority of the people would prefer the bathing option. They are able to easily fit in large bathroom areas when flush-mounted with walls.

It will either span the entire length of the bathroom wall and show only one side which can be protected by a bath panel if the bathroom is large enough to accommodate a bath. You could also opt for a single-end bath tap where the bath taps sit on one or two ends and where bath taps lie in the centre so the user can rest on either end of the bath. Single ends are typically more commonly used.


Double-ended baths

You might be surprised to learn that baths don’t have two ends. The two ends also contain no brass making for a very comfortable bath experience for 1-2 persons.

This bathroom is suitable for a family bath for the children and a luxury adult bathroom. Double-end bathrooms are a little wider and are measured carefully.

If you plan on adding new plumbing to an old bathroom, the plumbing needs modification. Visit the product page about the double-sided bath.

Nanjizal Square Double Ended 1700x800x550mm 0TH Bath w/Legs TTSO105653

Dimensions: L 1700 x W 800 x H 550mm 225 litre capacity Straight Bath
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Whirlpool baths

Anyone needing deep relief could consider incorporating the Whirlpool Jets into their bathing experience.

Warm water massages the muscles gives an enhanced sense of pleasure and eases stress levels. Modern pumping is quieter than older types and is generally more affordable, so it’s easy to enjoy your Jacuzzi.

In many cases, whirlpool systems can be used to enhance virtually any acrylic bath. 


Single-end baths

The bathtub in most British homes is located at the same level of plumbing which means there is an optional shower at that level. The opposite side is typically slightly curved to provide a pleasant bath position.

Prussia Cove Round Single Ended 1700x750x550mm 0TH Bath w/Legs TTSO105631

Dimensions: L 1700 x W 750 x H 550mm 180 litre capacity Straight Bath
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Easy access bath

Penberth Cove 1690x690x550mm 0TH Bath (RH) TTSO2882

Right hand option; also available left handed Dimensions: L 1690 x W 690 x H 550mm Straight Bath
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Easy access bath

An essential for use in bathrooms of people with restricted mobility, our stylish, easy-access baths also serve to enhance the style of your space. 

A walk-in bath is a bathtub with a watertight door that allows the person to enter without the need to step over the side of the bath. They then shut the door, it fills with water and they can bathe. When finished, the water drains and they can exit safely.

Porcelain enamelled steel

This bathtub is constructed from an engraved steel sheet and covered with layers of porcelain and is known for its durability.

While heavier in weight than acrylic, they remain much heavier than their cast iron counterpart and much less expensive.

Although the material remains highly durable, it can chip when something gets thrown into them and cause rust. Lastly, they don’t retain heat as easily as their brethren and are cold.


It’s the only bathroom you need in the bathroom. Stone baths share many qualities with cast iron bathtubs.

They contain warmth like cast iron and keep your bath warm longer. Stone baths are distinctive due to their silky, satiny texture and also offer a luxurious element. Unlike cast iron baths, may be lighter and give more flexibility in locations.

Do corner baths save space?

Smaller corner showers definitely save wall space and can add interesting design details to bathrooms.

Space-saving bathtubs taper to the ends of the plug holes, enabling a complete bath experience and may be the perfect bathtub while reducing space requirements.

What is a back-to-wall bath?

Back-to-wall baths feature double-end baths with one side of a wall with two sides. Ideal if there is no room to install an open-top bathtub.


These will make the perfect centrepiece for your new bathroom.

For that Victorian charm, look no further than the stylish lines of our roll top and slipper baths.

Marazion Freestanding 1760x710x775mm 0TH Bath w/Feet TTSO102817

Comes with chrome 'lions paw' design bath feet Dimensions: L 1760 x W 710 x H 775mm Freestanding Bath
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You might find a tub that would suit you well, and would fit into space but wouldn’t fit your lifestyle. Is bathing very convenient and quick? Tell me the weight. Can the rooms support it? These issues are also important, you need to consider plumbing issues as well.

What space do I have?

Although a large bath is good for you, a careful balance must be found for your bathtub to be less damaging to your room’s interior.

Keep the rest of the bathroom in a comfortable place and keep in mind that the toilet can get crowded, particularly in the morning!

We hope this guide helps you pick your bath.

Now it's up to you to choose the style shape bath you would like and happy bathing.

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