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New Bath Customization – Top Tips and Ideas

New bath in bathroom

New Bath ideas

Designing the perfect new bath for your bathroom goes beyond just choosing the first appealing model you see in a catalogue. From the bath material, style, and colour to the functional add-ons that can enhance your bathing experience, every detail counts. The journey of customization doesn't stop once your new bath is installed. There are numerous opportunities to further personalize your bathing space post-installation, enhancing not just its comfort, but also its visual appeal.

Material, Style, Color, Size, and Skirting

The starting point of any bath customization is the bath itself. Here's what you need to think about:

  • Material: The choice of material can drastically change the look, feel, and longevity of your bath. Acrylic is a popular choice due to its wide range of design options, lightweight nature, and good heat retention properties. Steel, while heavier and cooler, offers a sleek look and superior durability. Cast iron baths, on the other hand, ooze luxury and have excellent heat retention, but they are heavy and may require reinforced flooring.

  • Style: The style of the bath can influence the overall vibe of your bathroom. Freestanding baths act as the stunning centrepiece in a bathroom, perfect for spacious rooms where they can stand out. Built-in baths are great for smaller bathrooms or those seeking a minimalist, streamlined look. Alcove baths, designed to fit into a three-walled enclosure, are excellent space savers and blend seamlessly into the bathroom's design.

  • Colour: Baths don't have to be white. With an array of colours available, you can make your bath a statement piece in your bathroom. A black bath, for instance, can add a dramatic touch, while softer shades like blues or greens can create a serene atmosphere.

  • Size: Comfort should be a top priority when selecting your bath's size. If you enjoy long, leisurely soaks, a deep, wide bath may be your best bet. For those who prefer quick, everyday baths, a shallower, narrower design might be ideal. If your household includes children or elderly individuals, consider a bath that offers easy access.

  • Skirting or Not: For built-in baths, you can choose to add skirting, which can be a design element in itself. A simple, smooth skirting offers a neat finish, while a skirt with decorative mouldings can add a touch of elegance. If you're aiming for a more modern, minimalist look, you may prefer to skip the skirting altogether.

After you've considered these factors and selected your perfect bath, it's time to think about the functional add-ons that can augment your bathing experience. These include elements like the choice of taps, bath panels, jet systems, overflow and drain design, and the addition of a bath caddy or tray.

Bathroom with bath

Functional Add-ons for your new bath

The next phase in bath customization is considering the add-ons that not only enhance your bath's functionality but also contribute to the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Here are the top choices you might want to consider:

  • Taps: Taps can significantly impact the overall style of your new bath. Wall-mounted taps offer a clean, modern look, while freestanding taps provide a touch of elegance to freestanding baths. If you're after a more traditional look or prefer a multi-purpose bath, mixer taps with a handheld showerhead can be a practical and stylish choice.

  • Bath Panels: For built-in baths, bath panels do more than just hide the unsightly plumbing - they can be a key aesthetic feature. Depending on your bathroom's overall style, these panels can either match or contrast with your bath, walls, or flooring, adding depth and visual interest to the room.

  • Jet System: If you're looking for a little luxury, why not consider a whirlpool or air-jet system for your new bath? These systems offer a relaxing, therapeutic massage effect, perfect for winding down after a long day. A bath with a built-in jet system can truly transform your bathroom into a private, at-home spa.

  • Overflow and Drain: Your bath's overflow and drain may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to customization, but the right choice can contribute to a cohesive look. For instance, you could choose a design that matches your taps. Some bath designs offer integral overflows for a cleaner look, while others feature exposed overflows for a more traditional aesthetic.

  • Bath Caddy or Tray: This might seem like a minor detail, but a bath caddy or tray can greatly enhance your bathing experience. Offering a handy spot for a book, a glass of wine, or bath products, a well-chosen caddy or tray can provide a touch of luxury to your bath time.

While these functional add-ons can greatly enhance the usability and look of your bath, customization doesn't end there. After the bath installation, there are various ways you can further personalize your bath environment to make it even more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Let's explore some of those post-installation customization ideas next.


Post-Installation Customizations

Once your new bath is installed and the functional add-ons are in place, you might think your customization journey ends. But, there's still room for personalization that can make your bath experience even more delightful. Here's how you can add that personal touch:

  • Bath Mat: Bath mats provide comfort for your feet and add a splash of colour and design to your bathroom, instantly changing its look. Opt for materials that are soft, absorbent, easy to clean, and coordinate with your overall bathroom decor.

  • Bath Pillow: For the ultimate comfort during your soak, consider adding a bath pillow. With choices from inflatable ones, those with suction cups, or even full-body bath pillows, you can find the one that suits your preference and makes your bath time a truly relaxing experience.

  • Lighting: The ambience of your bathing area is greatly affected by lighting. Consider installing waterproof LED lights in or around your bath to create a calming atmosphere. Coloured LED lights can offer a chromotherapy effect, enhancing your bathing experience.

  • Storage Solutions: Good storage solutions near your bath can keep your bath products, towels, and accessories handy. Whether it's a stylish shelving unit, a simple rack, or a chic hanging basket, choose a design and material that complements your bath and overall bathroom decor.

  • Greenery: Nothing adds freshness to a room quite like plants. For your bathroom, opt for plants that thrive in high humidity and low light conditions, such as ferns, pothos, or snake plants. Besides adding a touch of nature, they also help improve the air quality.


Final thought

In conclusion, creating a personalized new bath is an exciting journey that blends aesthetics and functionality. Every detail from the bath material, style, colour, size, and skirting, to the functional add-ons and post-installation personal touches, contributes to making your bath more than just a utility. It can become a personalized sanctuary where you can relax and rejuvenate. Remember, the right customization can make your new bath the favourite spot in your house!

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