Five Decorating Trends for Your Bathroom



The bathroom has been through many changes in the past few decades, and they're not slowing down any time soon. With new faucets, countertops, fixtures and more hitting the market all the time, it can be hard to know how to decorate your bathroom in a way that suits you and your family best. Use these five decorating trends to make your home bathrooms even better in 2022!

The black and white trend

White is associated with purity and simplicity, so it's no surprise that white bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular. The colour has a calming effect on people, which makes it easier to relax while brushing your teeth or having a shower.
White also looks sleek and modern—and if you've recently redone your bathroom, it'll update your space without adding too much fuss. But don't go overboard: If you paint everything white, it could look sterile and cold. Instead, choose one or two key elements (such as a toilet seat) to paint black, which will add contrast without being overwhelming.

Designer shower tiles

While you can't ever go wrong with a classic white or black shower tile, designers are predicting that natural-looking stone tiles will be all over bathrooms by 2022. The most popular design will be rustic tiles with concrete accents to give it an earthy vibe. Combine that with a rain showerhead and you'll definitely have some worthy bathroom décor.
You might also see some cool tiles made from recycled materials, such as crushed glass or leftover granite slabs. It's becoming more common for homeowners to choose their own tile designs instead of hiring someone else. So you might see them popping up on home decoration sites.

Tile backsplashes

Why tile, you ask? Tile adds texture to your bathroom while also making it easier to clean. Tile is not impervious to damage, but can be fixed easily. Tile backsplashes may come in glazed and non-glazed options; either way, consider mixing stone or glass tiles with ceramic ones, as these complement each other beautifully. If you're looking for a more natural look, opt for reclaimed wood backsplashes instead of tile.

Copper accents

Copper continues to gain popularity as a bathroom accent. So keep an eye out for mirrors, sinks and even shower heads crafted from copper. As with other metals that have recently gained favour among home designers, copper adds both visual interest and a traditional appearance to your bathroom. If you opt for a sink or fixture made of metal, be sure it's rust-resistant; otherwise you may end up doing extra maintenance on your bathroom fixtures.
Also, consider painting any metal hardware (like doorknobs) that will come into contact with water in your bathroom. Since copper is prone to corrosion if exposed to water over time, use paints specially designed for faucets and knobs. These can usually be found at local hardware stores or plumbing supply shops.

Darker paint colours

Dark paint colours are trending towards being lighter, creamier tones. Darker colours make a space feel smaller and more closed off, whereas lighter shades of blue create a feeling of openness and warmth. Bathrooms that use darker paint need more added features like mirrors or open shelving to make them feel bigger and less claustrophobic. The dark paint trend isn't completely gone though, it's simply moved to accent walls, cabinets and other vertical surfaces instead of all walls as it has been traditionally.

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