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Elica Wave UX 51cm Island Hood - Black

Extractor hoods collect the air around cooking rooms and eliminate smells, grease and steam and create clean and relaxing conditions. Different fittings can be chosen including an integrated cooker hoods concealed so that the streamlined interior remains minimalistic. A fan extractor takes the steam and grease from a frying pan removes the air which is filtered, cleaned or recirculated. Explore wide sizes to match the space layout, such as hoods 60 cm in length.

What type of cooker hood is best?

The cooker hoods is divided into two categories: extraction and recirculation but there are many different types.

Canopy cooker hoods

Ceiling cooker hoods

Chimney cooker hoods

Downdraft cooker extractor

Integrated cooker hoods

Island cooker hoods

Suspended cooker hoods

Telescopic cooker hoods

Visor cooker hoods


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Do my cooker hoods need to be vented outside?

Although it should be recommended that cooker hoods vent is installed outside, recirculation ones have moved on a long way and are much more efficient than they used to be, Cooker hoods are intended to help remove food toxins from the air during cooking operations.

How do I choose a cooker hood?

It’s important to choose new cooker hoods that are designed to reduce heat and noise to varying levels to avoid haze and smoke and clean air choose one that fits the space in your kitchen.

Replacement filters

If you are not venting outside you need to replace your filters from grease build-up when cooking. Make sure you get the one that suits the correct cooker hoods.

Other things to look at when buying a new hood

Extraction rate, energy rating, and price of replacement filters.


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