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Depending on your design choosing bathroom furniture, bathroom storage and bathroom accessories can be essential in making that perfect bathroom.

In contrast, a bathroom remodel can also easily be customised using the furniture you want and you can actually use it where the space is allowed instead.

Don't compromise on bathroom furniture quality

Furniture can be installed as an integral part of every bathroom and therefore quality is always a top priority.

Every piece of furniture sold at The Trade Sniper site is tested to ensure suitable use in a bathroom environment.

All Furniture in The Trade Sniper has been designed to be durable and looks great at the same time. It will be tested with time and the look will be the same as when you purchased them.

Freestanding bathroom furniture

The vast collection of floor-mounted bathroom furniture is perfect for any family bathroom, providing an attractive look and storage solution. Suitable for smaller or larger bathroom sizes without taking up any wall space, offering a modern and classical traditional design with or without storage, these floor-standing basin vanity units come in a variety of finish options with a unique handle for the individual look to create your dream bathroom.

Wall Hung Furniture

Use float-up vanity units for maximum storage and maximise space. we have a stunning range of bathroom furniture that is Suited to small and spacious bathrooms, our Wall hung vanity units are available in a wide array of versatile finishes and may also integrate complementary insets and counter-mountable basins for contemporary designs.

Utility & style

Efficiency and necessity have replaced luxury by offering an impressive assortment of contemporary bathroom furniture. Modern furniture comes in several styles and is available in several colours, modern bathroom furniture.

Fitted bathroom furniture

Create custom beautiful bathroom furniture that fits a variety of spaces. We offer a wide selection of fitted furniture styles, sizes, cabinets, mirrors wall mounted vanity units and sanitary requirements.

Just choose your base and colour then choose your basin and your Toilet.

Bathroom furniture Options for base units

Base unit with single door

Base unit with double doors

Slim basin Base unit with 1 door

Base unit with 3 drawers

Base unit with no top

Basin unit with no top

Slim base unit with no top

Slim toilet unit

Toilet unit

Basin unit run twin with no basin

Basin unit complete with basin

Basin unit with basin & toilet pack

Tall unit 1 door

Tall unit 2 door

Wall unit

Toilet roll holder unit

Tallboy unit

After you have picked your base units you can start to think about the bathroom design and if you need bathroom storage and what are the best storage solutions for you. You can pick a wide range of styles and colours to design your bathroom furniture to make that perfect bathroom you have always wanted. Once you have picked the base unit you have decided to go with it's time to think if you would like a toilet cabinet you can pick the normal or slim version.

If then you have chosen your perfect bathroom furniture do you need a worktop to go on the base unit? if you have picked a unit with no top you will then have to choose a worktop to go on top of your unit. We have a wide range of colours when choosing your perfect worktop.

Or have you chosen a basin yet? We have a range of units with basins that can flush into the unit and we also have the perfect surface basins to sit straight on top of the worktop.

Do you want an extra cabinet in your bathroom you have a choice of the standard size or another slim unit or you can pick a tall unit which is up to 1990 mm in height?

Also available are smaller cabinets like toilet roll cabinets a small bathroom cabinet just a nice size to store your toilet rolls in to keep your bathroom looking fresh and uncluttered.


Do you want a mirror?

We have a wide range of mirrored cabinets and standard mirrors with led and touch sensors to finish off your bathroom perfectly.
They have the practical use of seeing yourselves to help when cleaning your teeth or washing your face but also can help to make the room look bigger with the reflection, also the light that bounces off the mirror can put a lovely spread of light in another part of the room.

Buying slimline bathroom mirrors or entire units is a smart move. We are very cost-effective in furniture and the product is very stylish for most modern bathrooms.

How do you fit the units do you want to save on floor space

Most of our bathroom units come supplied with legs so you can have the unit stand off the ground on adjustable legs and plinth lined. But also can be wall-hung furniture 

Floor standing modern and contemporary

Floor Standing Basin Unit

Floor Standing Basin Unit

Lamorna cove Freestanding Slipper 1500x700x690mm Bath TTSO104119

Includes pre-fitted integrated waste Dimensions: L 1500 x W 700 x H 690mm Freestanding Bath
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Barricane Bay Rimless Wall Hung WC & Soft Close Seat TTSO1861

Dimensions: H 365 x W 360 x D 520mm Distance from soil pipe spigot to wall: 75mm Wall Hung Pan & Seat
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Vema Maira Wall Mounted Basin Mixer - Chrome DITS1224

High Pressure Wall Mounted Chrome Basin Mixer Minimum Recommended Operating Pressure: 1.5 bar Basin Mixer
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Vema Tiber Floor Standing Bath/Shower Mixer - St/Steel DITB1066

High Pressure Floor Standing Chrome Bath Shower Mixer Minimum Recommended Operating Pressure: 2.0 bar Bath Shower Mixer
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Spekes Mill Flushplate - St/Steel TTSO100754

Smooth actuating screws to avoid operating noise Modern and angular design Flushplate
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Most of our units come to you pre-assembled but the doors come unattached and the doors can be hung so that the doors can open to the left or right also make sure you check if the unit you have chosen comes with door handles because you might need to buy separately but some units come with handles but are not attached for delivery propose.

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